My treatment philosophy

Mind (engl.) = intellect, mind

Gap (engl.) = gap, interspace, interruption

Mind the gap between the train and the platform” – that is the famous announcement of the London Underground. The name of my practice is a play on words based on this. For me it means: for each of us it is worthwhile to consciously take the next steps. Sometimes we can’t influence what happens and crises, breakdowns and upheavals we find ourselves in, but we can decide how we want to deal with the things that life brings us. Often, however, it seems that how and what we think, feel and do happens automatically, so that we often perceive it as “set” and “unchangeable”.

We need our brain to think, feel and act. How and what we think, feel and do is determined by processes in our brain that have been formed and consolidated since our birth by the environment and influences around us. Brain research shows, however, that our brain is able to adjust to changes and adapt until old age. Psychotherapy, meditation, concentration and memory training promote and maintain the processes in our brain. In short: what and how we think, feel and do is anything but set and unchangeable.

Each of us will inevitably experience crises, breaks and upheavals as well as stress in our lives. They often represent a break, a cut with our previous view of things that we have perceived as “set” up to that point.

Sometimes we feel alienated or distant from ourselves, from our fellow human beings and from the world. Even if we have already successfully mastered crises with the help of our strengths, resources, friends and family, this time we may have experienced a feeling of being overwhelmed, exhausted and/or disorientated due to the quality or intensity of the challenge.

On the one hand, crises, breakdowns and upheavals are a burden, but at the same time they offer many chances and possibilities for a long-term positive change.

Many people often prefer to avoid unpleasant thoughts, feelings and physical conditions rather than live through them. Sometimes, however, this avoidance is so energy and time consuming that we are far too involved in recognising what we can and cannot change in a long-term, sustainable and meaningful way. In our cooperation I would like to accompany you to take your next steps and support you to lead a self-determined, value-oriented and fulfilled life.