Stress Management

New tasks, challenges and projects can give our lives meaning and fulfilment. But what happens when this becomes an overload and an excessive demand. Our everyday life is becoming more and more active and fast moving. A full calendar is equated with professional success and determination, with a fullfilled social life. In a digital world you are always available. Work can be done from almost anywhere. If you ask, about 80 percent of people in Germany state that they “have stress”.

If eustress, a level of stress perceived as pleasant, turns into distress (negative stress), a reaction to constant stress, most people react irritated, hectic and nervous. The quality of sleep and life decreases. Regeneration processes are not completed. In the long term, our performance capacity decreases and our health suffers. All these can be symptoms of burnout. Maybe it seems impossible to change something on your own. I would like to help you find individual ways to deal with stress in a constructive and energy-efficient way.

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